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Leadership: The Fusion of Masculinity and Femininity

2 min read
Both men and women are capable of effective leadership, and leadership itself is bigger than just being a man or a woman. It’s more about being both firm and delicate, confident and flexible, giving and taking, and so on.

A Myth About the Gender Gap

4 min read
Most diversity training is based on the theory that the gender gap is largely due to the damaging nature of stereotypes. For example, because of a likability penalty, we’re told, women are promoted less often and grow less interested in senior roles.

5 Ways Your Organization Can Support Women in the Workplace

3 min read
Women can only do so much to promote themselves; organizations need to step up to the plate to begin eliminating deeply ingrained biases and stereotypes about ambitious women. Here are a few metaphorical tools your organization can use to lead a change.
Declare, a community-driven leadership platform transforming how women learn, work and lead officially launches today. Previously, the organization operated as "Parity Partners." Declare is composed of two core components, Declare Lead and Declare Search.