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Leadership: The Fusion of Masculinity and Femininity

2 min read
Both men and women are capable of effective leadership, and leadership itself is bigger than just being a man or a woman. It’s more about being both firm and delicate, confident and flexible, giving and taking, and so on.

A Myth About the Gender Gap

4 min read
Most diversity training is based on the theory that the gender gap is largely due to the damaging nature of stereotypes. For example, because of a likability penalty, we’re told, women are promoted less often and grow less interested in senior roles.

5 Ways Your Organization Can Support Women in the Workplace

3 min read
Women can only do so much to promote themselves; organizations need to step up to the plate to begin eliminating deeply ingrained biases and stereotypes about ambitious women. Here are a few metaphorical tools your organization can use to lead a change.