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Great leaders do not have some type of advanced knowledge regarding leadership theory or special formula on how to influence people but, rather, a mastery of understanding and the ability to carry out foundational leadership skills.
Leaders in business, academia, and other fields can now rate their leadership strengths and weaknesses – and see how they stack up against their peers – with MindEdge Learning's new online Leadership Assessment tool, which the edtech firm launched...

The Tenets of Intention-setting

3 min read
Leaders have the responsibility of leading the charge to accomplish major goals for an organization. The key to successful outcomes is setting clear intentions at the outset and flexing the underlying tasks that will lead to achievement of the goal.

Change Leaders Do These 5 Things Brilliantly

3 min read
A change initiative’s best chance for success is having everyone in a leadership position – from members of the C-suite to the supervisors on the front line – actively committed to achieving the desired result.