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Building the Future of AI, UI and UX

4 min read
the demand for UI/UX training — both for upskilling and reskilling programs — is on the rise. Specifically, three main categories of interest are leading the pack in UI/UX design: data foundations, UI/UX development tools and artificial intelligence...
For those responsible for designing training programs, the user experience (UX) is always a priority. And with learners demanding more flexibility, the winners are the L&D professionals who create engaging and easily accessible content.

Worksheet: E-Learning Course Audit Checklist

Sponsored27 sec read
Let’s face it: As much as we hope our e-learning courses can be evergreen, they still need updating. That’s why we’re giving you this handy e-learning course audit checklist! It outlines key areas that can make or break your courses.

Designing Jaw-dropping E-Learning Modules

3 min read
Think about smartphones, tablets and apps. Their intuitive interface enables us to navigate them with ease. As instructional designers, we should also use these principles when creating e-learning modules — or any digital assets for our learners.