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Outsourcing Training: 4 Things to Consider

4 min read
Regardless of what your organization’s needs are, it’s imperative to understand the power of a well-thought-out and well-executed training program that is founded on a common purpose and aligned with your organization’s goals.

Comparing LMS Providers: A Checklist

3 min read
The field of LMS offerings is dynamic, competitive and possibly confusing. Each year, Training Industry, Inc. recognizes the Top 20 providers and another 21 on the watchlist. Many more are not even on the lists! How can you compare them all fairly?

4 Steps to a Recession-proof Workforce

3 min read
How do we keep the talent we have, and how do we get the skills needed to accomplish our goals? The simple answer is lifelong learning and education, which will recession-proof your organization.
Many training managers have guided their teams to success more effectively by partnering with training providers. Choosing the right training provider can prove to be a task on its own. Keep the following questions in when deciding on a course of action.

Selecting Leadership Trainers

4 min read
There are so many trainers and facilitators in the market. How do you know who’s qualified to teach your people the skills they need to succeed? And what’s the benchmark? It can be daunting.