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The leadership training market has been one of the fastest-growing and evolving segments in the learning and development (L&D) industry over the past decade.

The State of the Leadership Training Market

Our annual report on the market for leadership training provides an overview of current training and sourcing practices in companies providing training to their leaders and managers.

How Big is the Training Market?

2 min read
One of the most frequently asked questions of training analysts is, "how big is the training market?" The truth of the matter is no one really knows for sure, although we are able to make good rational estimates based on sound research and economic...

Learning Technology Market Segments

2 min read
The learning technology market has been, and continues to be, one of the most fascinating segments of the training industry, now approaching a $5 Billion market worldwide. Training professionals have become increasingly dependent on technologies for the...

The Leadership Perspective

2 min read
Leadership training seems to touch virtually every business professional. It’s the second largest spend for training organizations (behind IT) and represents more than $2 billion of global annual spend. It’s obviously a large market as it touches an...

Training Spend an Economic Indicator?

2 min read
The Conference Board's Leading Economic Index uses 10 data elements as leading indicators for the purpose of forecasting future economic activity. These indicators include data such as manufacturing activity, unemployment, change in interest rates of...