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Getting the Most out of Blended Learning

5 min read
Finding the right training design is like solving a multi-dimensional puzzle of business goals, organizational realities, performance context, audience needs and instructional strategies.

The Power of Pictures: How Far Does it Go?

3 min read
Modern e-learning is more visual than the text-heavy modules of the past. Designers are keen to highlight the visual and interactive aspects of their courses, but what does successful visual training look like?
Our industry often downplays appeal, because after all, tricks are for kids. Appeal used with intent isn’t about fun and games, though – it’s a powerful tool for engaging learners of any age. Appeal creates experiences an audience won’t ever...
When you start to think about designing a new training program, is your first thought something like this? “We have this knowledge about X. Our job is to try to find a way to cram all of it into people’s heads as quickly as possible.”