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How to Create Your Own Team at Work

3 min read
These days, we talk a lot about “chosen families” — people who may not be blood or legal relatives but who nevertheless are a constant, strong, positive presence in our lives. We can use the same logic at work
MLeadership consulting firm FlashPoint has acquired Fine Points Leadership of Colorado Springs, Colo. The two firms, both nationally recognized in the leadership consulting industry, will now operate as FlashPoint.
Spencer Stuart, a leading global executive search and leadership advisory firm, today announced that it has acquired Cambria Consulting, which specializes in individual and team development.

The Brain Science of Creating High-performing Teams

6 min read
High-performing teams don’t appear overnight. They develop when conditions are right, with the combined actions of leaders and team members. While we are wired to connect with others, we must meet critical conditions to drive peak team performance.