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Leadership Is Playing Bocce

3 min read
Volumes of books, papers, articles and dissertations attempt to define effective leadership. In my experience and personal practice, the difference between an effective leader and a disaster revolves around the intangible aspects of leadership.

Develop Transformational Leaders and Teams in Two Steps

5 min read
If you could only teach one practice or skill that would transform the effectiveness of leaders and teams, what would it be? The ability to ask generative questions is a major training opportunity for many reasons.
Eagle's Flight, an industry leader in the development and delivery of practical training programs for the global business community, announces its new Eagle's Flight Corporate Events brand and website.

High Impact Gamification: Catalytic Training Games

23 sec read
Gamification can be a fun way to elevate your training program and energize learners. Most gamification, however, fails to maximize learner engagement and develop lasting benefits. Take your gamification to the next level with catalytic training games.