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The Power of Defining Success

3 min read
Creating a definition of success is a creative act of leadership — just like painting or writing. Everyone has the freedom to decide what success and happiness means to them.

You Can’t Help but Get Better

2 min read
A very wise mentor once told me, “If you put in the time, you can’t help but get better. There is no way around it; perfection comes from repetition.”

The Enemies of Performance

2 min read
We spend a lot of time studying the process of being successful, of living a conscious life of intention, but we don’t often expend as much effort considering what gets in the way.
It’s tough being the boss. A lot of people depend on you, but increased efficiency isn’t the answer. The fuel for effective leadership in a world gone mad is sustaining your energy level by generating and focusing a passion for what you do as a leader.

Now is the Time

2 min read
As is the case with an abundance of simple truths in the world of organizational leadership, Tom Peters, co-author of “In Search of Excellence”, usually gets there first.