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Gamification in Learning: What Not to Do

3 min read
Knowing what not to do when implementing gamification is just as important as knowing what to do. Here are the five biggest mistakes people make when implementing gamification and how you can avoid them.

Engaging Minds With Mystery

4 min read
There is a genre that engages the mind like no other: the murder mystery. One of the reasons for its success is that, instead of providing an entertainment experience, this genre forces you to actively employ your own cunning as you consume the media.
Sales professionals today are uniquely positioned to seize on this challenge when they learn to combine the persuasiveness of data with the familiarity of story structure in selling. Here, we break this process down into three parts.

Office Avengers: Using Storytelling in Sales Training

3 min read
What can we learn from Marvel? When we engage with a story, whether it’s in a movie, a book or other format, our brains respond as if they were actually experiencing what’s happening in the story. That’s why storytelling is such a powerful learning...