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Expert Perspectives on Soft Skills

22 sec read
Using these tips and strategies in your organization will enable you to develop employees at all levels who understand themselves and others and collaborate successfully as a result.
VR creates a space where leaders can practice common leadership skills, including giving performance evaluations, delivering bad news and dealing with difficult employees, among many others, privately and without risk.

Hard Data Makes the Case for Soft Skills

3 min read
Employer emphasis is often on developing hard skills, like computer science and data science, but it’s critical not to discount the importance and marketability of soft skills.
A foundational soft skill in a manager’s leadership toolkit is “noticing,” a hard-to-teach soft skill responsible for increasing leadership effectiveness, navigating change, and leading through complex and ambiguous times with agility.
The term “soft skills” is commonly used, but it is more accurate to define them as part of the behavioral skills that are needed in the workplace that are no less important than “hard skills” (technical skills) and that are sometimes more...