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Top Sales Pitch Tips for 2019

5 min read
To help you inspire and motivate your sales reps and guide them in the right direction, here are four fun but effective ways to beat the sales pitch blues and close more deals in 2019.

3 Skills for High-stakes Sales Dialogues

3 min read
Effective sales professionals are recognizing that the skills they need to compete today look different from conventional selling capabilities. This change is a result of business needs and solutions’ becoming more complex than ever before.

Rethinking the Art of War for Sales: Winning Peace, Not Waging War

6 min read
Changes in selling have paralleled changes in military engagement. In sales today, winning salespeople and winning sales organizations focus less on winning the war with the competition and more on winning the hearts and minds of the customer.

How to Develop a Team of Resilient Sales Professionals

3 min read
Resilience is a toughness that allows sales professionals to bounce back from inevitable rejection; to keep prospecting during a dry patch; and to pick themselves up, dust themselves off and keep going when they lose a sizable deal.