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5 Strategies to Gain Buy-in From Sales Training Participants

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For any sales training initiative to be successful and achieve maximum return on investment, there must be buy-in from the training participants. It can be challenging to get salespeople excited about training, since they’ll be pulled away from selling.

What Is the Best Bank Sales Training Strategy?

4 min read
Sales training in small and medium-sized banks is always a challenge — not because tellers, personal bankers and managers do not have the capability to sell but because they believe the myth that selling is inherently bad.
Global sales training is frequently a Herculean endeavor. A successful, company-wide, international training event can create consistency across the organization, bolster a sales organization’s revenue long-term and improve frontline reps’...

5 Reasons to Outsource Your Sales Training

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On the surface, using existing internal resources seems like the most cost-effective option, and you may feel it’s the only way to achieve the level of customization needed. However, in many cases, outsourcing sales training is a better option.

To Win at Global Training, Treat Your Learners Like Customers

4 min read
Coaching, training and selling have many things in common. They are all about focusing on the customer (whether that customer is internal or external), understanding their specific needs, and taking them on a journey of discovery and commitment.