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The New Age of Selling Is Here: Are Your Reps Ready?

4 min read
As our contexts and our audiences’ wants and needs evolve, sellers must evolve with them. It’s beyond time for salespeople to dispense with their outdated playbook and adopt a more nuanced and flexible approach.

How To Instill a Culture of Sales Training That Will Last

4 min read
When training is built to correlate with the sales process and pipeline, it makes a direct impact on results. To keep this training-results-training feedback loop flowing, we need to make training an ever-present practice with a culture of learning.

The State of the Sales Training Market

Our annual report on the market for sales training provides an overview of current training and sourcing practices in companies providing training to their sales professionals, sales support staff and sales managers.
Sales enablement training empowers the sales team to hone their skills, thereby ensuring improved performance. Here are eight actionable tips to help L&D managers and corporate trainers build an effective sales enablement training program.

Sales Training for Non-salespeople

4 min read
Generating a lead based on a problem to be solved, not a product you want to pitch, is an approach your service and delivery people can be proud of. It is consistent with how they should think about their goal with customers — to provide excellent...
Customers are changing the way they buy. In response, sales teams are beginning to rethink the way they sell. Negotiating in this setting requires three key skills. Let’s examine the importance of these skills and how training can help.

5 Effective Sales Training Skills

3 min read
If training is to have a significant impact on sales performance, it has to concentrate on building a manageable number of skills.