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To Win at Global Training, Treat Your Learners Like Customers

4 min read
Coaching, training and selling have many things in common. They are all about focusing on the customer (whether that customer is internal or external), understanding their specific needs, and taking them on a journey of discovery and commitment.
When successfully deployed, field trainers improve onboarding, help new hires develop their skills and enhance coaching for existing sales reps. That said, many FTs could be better equipped for their roles through the development of enhanced people skills.

3 Critical Skills for Any Negotiation

5 min read
The last 20 years have been good for U.S. businesses. This environment, however, is changing. Business leaders are taking note of this. As a result, sales leaders must be prepared to face pricing pressure with better negotiation skills.

The 3D Advantage Change Process

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Many organizations fail because they treat skill development as a training event instead of a change process. To succeed, sales leaders, enablement professionals, and L&D teams need to think of salespeople as customers of the change process.

The Complete Guide to Onboarding New Sales Hires

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Finding qualified sales talent is a growing challenge faced by sales organizations today. Unfortunately, many organizations put a great deal of effort into the hiring process but stop short when it comes to executing an onboarding plan.