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Rethinking the Art of War for Sales: Winning Peace, Not Waging War

6 min read
Changes in selling have paralleled changes in military engagement. In sales today, winning salespeople and winning sales organizations focus less on winning the war with the competition and more on winning the hearts and minds of the customer.

5 Keys to a Successful Sales Enablement Strategy

3 min read
There can be many moving parts to a sales enablement strategy (i.e., training, content, tools and support), so it’s important to create a plan that aligns with your organization’s goals – and then set forth on executing it.

A Three-Part Strategy for Selling

4 min read
Selling is difficult, because buying is difficult. The buyer faces competing priorities and changing needs. These factors and others have made the buying process more complex than ever. Therefore, sales professionals need a new method for closing the sale.

The 5 Factors Driving Buyers’ Behavior

4 min read
Buying is a dynamic process. As stakeholders explore solutions, they develop a deeper understanding of their needs. They change their priorities. More decision-makers enter the picture. The customer’s initial value definition rarely matches the final...
The days are becoming noticeably shorter. Summer is winding down, and sellers will soon be in the last quarter stretch to meet or beat quota. Now is a good time to take a hard and realistic look at where your organization is likely to wind up.