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Organizations that fail to properly plan for a new employee’s arrival risk repeated turnover and reduced productivity. An effective onboarding program can shorten the learning curve and boost performance for new sales hires — and the business.

The Complete Guide to Onboarding New Sales Hires

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Finding qualified sales talent is a growing challenge faced by sales organizations today. Unfortunately, many organizations put a great deal of effort into the hiring process but stop short when it comes to executing an onboarding plan.

Beware These 10 Sales Training Mistakes

5 min read
A haphazard approach to onboarding, training and coaching — as well as common mistakes in these areas — can torpedo sales effectiveness. To develop well-prepared reps and deliver learning that sticks, avoid these 10 costly errors.

Sales Onboarding Should Begin With Preboarding

4 min read
Most organizations have established onboarding processes, such as multi-day “boot camps,” designed to bring reps up to speed as quickly as possible. However, even the most well-designed onboarding programs suffer from a momentum problem.

The Current State of Sales Rep Onboarding and Enablement

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This new report examines the present state of the onboarding and development of sales reps and seeks to understand how sales leaders can improve their onboarding programs and strategies.