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Accent Technologies, a top Sales AI provider, announced the release of its new Sales Performance Management Platform today. The software improves sales productivity by using AI and data analytics to give teams greater visibility.

Creating Impactful Sales Coaching Role-plays

4 min read
Role-playing exercises are one of the best tools to use in sales coaching. With that in mind, here is a guide to creating impactful role-play scenarios for your team.

7 Barriers to Prospecting

25 sec read
If you manage an inside sales or telesales team, you probably realize there are unique hurdles to selling and managing customers over the phone. This white paper will help you respond to areas that are inhibiting the performance of your sales organization.

Creating and Training the Sales Leaders of the Future

15 sec read
Managing a sales team involves spending time coaching, forecasting, planning and recruiting. Sales managers are the backbone of the team, and their leadership lights the way for sales representatives to achieve their goals.