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Improve Sales Training Outcomes by Improving Motivation

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In the modern marketplace, the majority of the customers who contact your company have already decided to purchase your product. If a customer comes to your company almost ready to purchase from you and doesn’t, it implies that the seller poorly.
At some point, most sales managers have asked themselves why their relationship managers aren’t selling. Clearly, there are many factors involved in the business of selling, and there is not always an easy way to determine where the problems lie.
Leading software investor, Five Elms Capital, is investing $30 million in Skynamo, field sales app and management platform provider. Skynamo will use the investment to accelerate adoption of its field sales mobile app and cloud-based management platform.
There’s no denying that some of the most successful sales reps are naturally gifted at what they do. They seem to be born with just the right mix of personality traits to be successful. But for the majority of sales reps, this isn’t the case.