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Creating Impactful Sales Coaching Role-plays

4 min read
Role-playing exercises are one of the best tools to use in sales coaching. With that in mind, here is a guide to creating impactful role-play scenarios for your team.

How Role-Playing Can Boost Sales Coaching

3 min read
Practice is essential to high performance, and in sales, we practice our craft with role-play. If you are serious about sales coaching, role-play has to be in your bag of tricks.

Learn by Walking in Their Shoes

2 min read
How do we, as learning experts, provide opportunities for our employees to walk in somebody else’s shoes and understand how another person is thinking and feeling? How do we help them develop the self-awareness to see themselves as others see them?

Coaching for a Better Negotiating Outcome, Part 3

2 min read
Coaching plays a valuable role in helping to reinforce decision-making, strengthen negotiation positions, prepare and plan for various scenarios to reduce surprise and risk, and improve confidence.