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To be a leader at any level — whether leading yourself as an individual contributor, managing a small team, running a department or division, or leading a global company — you must invest in self-reflection to become more self-aware.

Why Looking Back Can Help You Lead Forward

6 min read
In today’s fast-paced business environment, we breathlessly race ahead to the next challenge before the dust settles on the previous one. We are encouraged to push forward and to never look back.

Think About It!

3 min read
How we deliver content continues to change. The strategies, tools, context, and cadence of learning efforts are in the midst of significant disruption.

The Importance of Time: 3 Rules for Effective Leadership

3 min read
There is an epidemic occurring in the workplace. Leaders are using certain phrases that are spreading to their employees and being used as a badge of honor: “I’m so busy.” “I worked a 16-hour day.” “I worked super late last night.” The list...