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The Power of Practice

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Learning professionals and functional leaders can help others leverage the power of practice into their professional development. Consider these simple yet powerful strategies.
The basic principle of overlearning is that if you do anything over and over again, it becomes part of your long-term memory. In the workplace, employees benefit from overlearning, because it makes them more reliable members of the team.
A common myth of leadership training is that it makes better leaders. Leaders learn from the facilitator, who knows everything about leadership, and leave the training with that facilitator’s knowledge, which then makes them better leaders.
Today Rehearsal, the provider of best-in-class video-based practice software and services, announced the first major UX upgrades to its application since launching in 2015: the introduction of Channels.

The Sales Training Dilemma … and the LPAC Solution

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This timely white paper explores the reasons for the lack of "return on learning" for sales organizations and defines a practical approach to move beyond a learning journey to a measurable performance journey that drives improved business outcomes.