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The Interplay of Leadership, Power and Change

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You can employ any three leadership style as often or as diligently as you want to, but if you don’t have the power to fuel your approach, attempts to effectively influence will inevitably fall short of the mark.

Developing Leadership Goo

2 min read
If you are a learning professional who seeks to develop strategies to help those that have the potential to become those powerful people, how do you proceed?

Power: A Positive Driver of Influence

15 sec read
In today's modern organization, the use of power is critical to success and must be approached as a personal and organizational development opportunity.
Google the term “leadership” sometime, and experience firsthand what it feels like to be overwhelmed (over 162 million references containing thousands of different characterizations). Somewhere in that ocean of information, you will come across the...

Influenced by Others: Bases of Power Across Generations

Although training to help leaders influence work behavior is an area of significant investment for many organizations, the ability of both managers and coworkers to influence employee behavior may not manifest the same way across generations.