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Why Do an Exit Interview?

4 min read
A resignation is an opportunity to heighten your connection with your team. It doesn’t matter if you believe it is a loss; it is an opportunity to see and hear this person and to reflect on changes that would make the team better.

Overcoming Three Performance Feedback Traps

3 min read
Successful leaders often learn great communication skills over time, but they often can’t codify what can make a difficult conversation easier to initiate. Having good performance conversations is a skill that can be learned and practiced.

5Ws and 1H of End-of-year Reviews and Meetings

4 min read
There must be a reason the majority of organizations still have some form of performance reviews. The end-of-year review is a dedicated time to discuss an employee’s past and vision for the future, including accomplishments, failures and priorities.

Learning and Development Project Checklist

4 min read
As learning professionals, we know that we are often in the public eye. Much like how leaders must practice what they preach, we must be able to create and use job aids and keep reminders handy to help ourselves — just as we do to help our learners.

When Training and Coaching Collide

2 min read
Training professionals have long felt like parents dropping their children off on the first day of kindergarten, experiencing a sense they have done all they can in creating an engaging learning environment and then sending participants back to work.