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Many managers are guilty of delaying performance reviews when something “more important” comes up. These managers often don’t see performance management as a priority. However, performance management should be a priority if they want tasks completed.
Organizations that fail to properly plan for a new employee’s arrival risk repeated turnover and reduced productivity. An effective onboarding program can shorten the learning curve and boost performance for new sales hires — and the business.

Fueling Engagement: Are You Recognizing Recognition?

4 min read
Talking about recognition is easy, but doing it consistently in the busy balance of work and the other pieces of our lives can be hard. Let’s examine a few ways to work toward a consistent and engaging approach to making recognition a top priority.

The People Behind the Performance

4 min read
In the process of managing performance, we can lose sight of the people in the process. As part of this continued evolution, let’s pause and remember the whole person — the human — these systems are intended to “manage.”

7 Secret Ingredients of an Award-winning Culture

3 min read
Our goal is to stay abreast of the secret sauce of an award-winning workplace culture for our people. Here are seven key ingredients to a thriving environment that will attract new talent, satisfy your current team and produce solid retention.

Performance Management Begins With Setting Standards

3 min read
At some point, most sales managers have asked themselves why their relationship managers aren’t selling. Clearly, there are many factors involved in the business of selling, and there is not always an easy way to determine where the problems lie.