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In this complimentary Training Industry webinar, sponsored by Litmos, bestselling business author Ken Blanchard shares a four-step approach to building an organizational culture that leads to engaged people and improves long-term business results.

The Economics of Imagination

3 min read
Companies that want to thrive in today’s fast-changing and competitive environment desperately need people who can both create and execute effectively. But how do creative people become creative? Is there a secret sauce or strategy involved?

The Power of Kindness in 3 Acts

3 min read
How important is kindness in organizational cultures? Spreading kindness is a skill set and can be an intentional act and a part of your organizational culture. Here are three distinct ways you can spread kindness.

3 Steps to Train Leaders to Create a Civil Work Culture

3 min read
Employees are paying greater attention to workplace culture. Data indicates that for organizations to attract and retain talent in the years to come, they must create respectful workplaces. Leaders are the most important pieces of that puzzle.
While content and delivery are essential, there’s another component that’s often overlooked but that can make or break training: love. Without love, training lacks the power to transform its audience. Without love, training lacks the power to...