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4 Ways Training Departments Can Use Learning Paths

Sponsored3 min read
Learning paths are a great training management platform feature that training departments can use to help organize their internal training efforts. Not only do they make things easier to manage, but they also cut down on repetitive tasks.

Applying Adult Learning Theory to Onboarding

6 min read
Adult learning theory refers to methods or techniques used to teach adults. When a new employee starts or an existing employee changes to a new role, adult learning theory informs the process of successfully equipping them to take over the role.

Sales Onboarding Should Begin With Pre-boarding

4 min read
Most organizations have established onboarding processes, such as multi-day “boot camps,” designed to bring reps up to speed as quickly as possible. However, even the most well-designed onboarding programs suffer from a momentum problem.

How to Boost Onboarding Using an LMS

4 min read
You can turn the onboarding journey into a more fun and efficient process with the help of e-learning and a corporate learning management system (LMS).