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How To Reduce Time to Proficiency for New Hires

3 min read
Reducing time to proficiency for new hires involves defining an individual onboarding plan, targeting the competencies and knowledge that are needed to perform the specific job within your organization.

5 Tips for Impactful New Hire Training

2 min read
Training sessions don't need to be bland. In this article, we'll examine some best practices to drive employee engagement during new hire training programs to prepare learners for success in their new role.

Creating an Effective Onboarding Experience

3 min read
Onboarding has three goals: to inform, to welcome and to guide new hires. By focusing on these goals, you can help ensure that your onboarding program is consistently effective.
The fact is traditional onboarding programs, while effective for most of the employee population, fall short at the executive level. Onboarding members of the leadership team requires a unique approach — one geared more toward integration.