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The Complete Guide to Onboarding New Sales Hires

Sponsored4 min read
Finding qualified sales talent is a growing challenge faced by sales organizations today. Unfortunately, many organizations put a great deal of effort into the hiring process but stop short when it comes to executing an onboarding plan.
The five-step process known as design thinking seems like it would work for learning designers, doesn't it? Good news: It does! Let’s take a look at applying design thinking to one of your most common learning programs: new employee onboarding.

5 Steps to Great Onboarding

3 min read
The difference between success and failure is often onboarding, the learning and support that employees receive when they join an organization. Unfortunately, onboarding is often insufficient, incomplete or missing. Why?

6 Reasons Onboarding Doesn’t Work

5 min read
Most onboarding programs fail to do the two things they are supposed to do: prepare new employees to become productive quickly and help them see they’ve made the right decision in joining the organization.
It’s common knowledge that with digital transformation occurring in the global workplace, there is a growing skills gap. The most forward-thinking organizations will undoubtedly schedule strategy meetings focused on how to remedy this situation.