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Get New Hires Up to Speed with Project-based Learning

3 min read
Project-based learning is an experiential form of learning that allows new hires to learn by doing. On a team with seasoned employees, new hires can gain hands-on experience of company processes by troubleshooting and collaborating.

Set New Hires Up for Success With Adaptive Onboarding

5 min read
Adaptive learning works by gathering data on employee preferences, patterns and behaviors, then using that information to adjust the learning process. So, in the context of onboarding, that means the data is used to optimize the onboarding process.
New hire training can help form the initial foundation to enable an organization’s continuous L&D initiatives. With a solid training and coaching plan in effect, businesses in any industry have the power to continuously develop their workers.
Often times, training leaders miss out on the opportunity to engage new hires during onboarding with an overload of internal company information. Here are tips to help new hires recognize how their role and experiences can enrich company culture.