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Gaining Learner Buy-In, Part Two

3 min read
Your first step of actual training isn’t an exhibition of the “right way” or a discussion of best practices. The first step of training is all wrong – on purpose.

Creating Employee Engagement

4 min read
We all know that an engaged employee is a productive employee, but it can be difficult to devise ways to boost morale and motivation when people feel insecure about the future.

Gaining Learner Buy-In, Part One

3 min read
According to a Zen proverb, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” For self-actualization, this rings true. For corporate leaders in training organizations, not so much. Or can it?

Motivating Your Employees to Learn Online: 4 Phases

3 min read
Motivated and enthusiastic trainees stimulate both their own and their colleagues’ development. It’s true of online training and live training; people talk about it during work and discuss each other’s progress.

Helping Leaders Enjoy Leadership

3 min read
Leaders of all levels, disciplines and sectors face challenges – their internal motivation, drive and passion to be a great leader, and external environmental forces that impact their choices and freedom to lead.