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Teaching Mindfulness at Work Can Pay Big Dividends

3 min read
Many companies around the world believe they have found one of the most successful workforce development programs to help improve the performance and lives of their employees: corporate mindfulness.

Managing End-of-Year Stress in the Workplace

3 min read
Stress can manifest in several problems at work, including lower productivity and morale and higher absenteeism and turnover. Fortunately, there are several strategies L&D can use to help employees manage stress.
Philosophers, consultants and educators agree: Character is the heart of leadership. Leadership character isn’t just a matter of “business ethics. True leadership character is seen in positive traits such as courage, integrity, resilience and...

The Mind of the Leader: Leadership Training Has It Backward

4 min read
A global movement is taking place in the C-suites of thousands of innovative organizations. The question the leaders of these organizations ask themselves is, “How can we create more human leadership and people-centered cultures?"