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Mentoring is a developmental approach that connects mentors with experience, knowledge and skills with mentees who want to learn from them. Despite its many advantages, mentoring is still not a must-have development tool across organizations.

Why Even Your Executives Need Mentors

4 min read
It can be daunting for seasoned professionals to acknowledge what they don’t know, but addressing knowledge gaps is the first step toward training an executive to lead your company into the future.

Mentors Need the Right Tools

5 min read
Mentorship programs are one of the most effective tools we have to impact employee engagement, retention and performance. However, to be effective, mentorship programs need more than a great design; they also need mentors who are confident and capable.

Career Pathways in L&D: A Circuitous Journey

4 min read
Keep in mind that it’s called a career path, not a career destination. We are always growing and changing, and it’s powerful to understand that we are in control of the direction we take today to set ourselves up for success tomorrow.