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Case Study: Training Effective Managers

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Some of your organization's most difficult challenges likely come from working with others. An effective manager training program will enable your leaders to resolve conflicts, improve your workplace culture and boost profits.

Nudging the Stats on Employee Engagement

3 min read
Despite a healthy budget spent on leadership development each year, we continue to see Gallup polls that identify approximately one-half of the workforce as “not engaged.” Worse, an additional 16.5% are “actively disengaged.”
A foundational soft skill in a manager’s leadership toolkit is “noticing,” a hard-to-teach soft skill responsible for increasing leadership effectiveness, navigating change, and leading through complex and ambiguous times with agility.

Go Ahead — Forget Soft Skills

4 min read
Many soft skills can be developed through training, especially for people who are early in their career or in their first leadership job. The problem is that many companies wait a long time to develop people’s soft skills, if they do it at all.

Helping Managers Focus on What Really Matters

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Good managers produce an atmosphere that encourages the best from people, that drives both high performance and high morale, and where people are successful and team spirit is strong.