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The Key to Successful Management

4 min read
It’s actually pretty easy to be the boss. All you need to do is put on your boss hat and play boss. It’s a lot trickier to be a leader. Much is written on the subject of leadership, mostly because there are still many places where it’s not working...

Case Study: Training Effective Managers

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Some of your organization's most difficult challenges likely come from working with others. An effective manager training program will enable your leaders to resolve conflicts, improve your workplace culture and boost profits.
There are many challenges first-time managers face. Perhaps they struggle with delegating or communicating effectively with team members. Navigating these challenges are critical not only for their own success but their team's and their organization's.

Nudging the Stats on Employee Engagement

3 min read
Despite a healthy budget spent on leadership development each year, we continue to see Gallup polls that identify approximately one-half of the workforce as “not engaged.” Worse, an additional 16.5% are “actively disengaged.”