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Selecting Leadership Trainers

4 min read
There are so many trainers and facilitators in the market. How do you know who’s qualified to teach your people the skills they need to succeed? And what’s the benchmark? It can be daunting.

Inspired by Young Leadership

4 min read
While tragedies of different kinds continue to come to light with what seems like increasing frequency and massive media attention, a bright light is the young people who step forward to help create positive change.

Can You Train Leadership?

3 min read
The reality remains that you cannot read a book and finish on page 275 as a great leader, just as you cannot attend a two-day course and be transformed into the leader of the future.

The Mind of the Leader: Leadership Training Has It Backward

4 min read
A global movement is taking place in the C-suites of thousands of innovative organizations. The question the leaders of these organizations ask themselves is, “How can we create more human leadership and people-centered cultures?"