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Great leaders do not have some type of advanced knowledge regarding leadership theory or special formula on how to influence people but, rather, a mastery of understanding and the ability to carry out foundational leadership skills.
As the business market evolves so must our leadership development strategies. Where do leaders find these new skills, and how can learning and development help?

Leadership: Tomorrow Doesn’t Look Much Like Yesterday

3 min read
Our current workforce includes five generations of workers, and there are now more millennials in the United States workforce than there are baby boomers. Millennials have different expectations of leaders than previous generations.

What Makes Leaders Extraordinary, and How Do We Make More?

4 min read
Extraordinary leaders aren’t always charismatic. Rather, they produce outstanding results, ranging from greater profitability to better customer experiences. On every important business metric, they have the knack of producing better numbers.

The LACE Model: Training Leaders to Execute Your Strategic Plan

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Is your strategic plan at risk of vanishing? Being able to bridge the gap between creating and executing a strategic plan requires recruiting and developing leaders who possess the right technical (business) and leadership skills.

How to Practice Active Listening in Meetings

3 min read
Many people think the way to increase their presence is to dominate conversations, but, when asked to name one quality all successful business leaders have, they eventually say, “They listen.” To increase your presence in meetings, try active...