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Prioritize Helping Leaders Develop Executive Presence

7 min read
Any leadership training and development initiative would be incomplete without guidance on executive presence. Executive presence is less about a leader’s performance than about the signals that leader conveys through his or her daily interactions.
BetterUp, the company that pioneered mobile coaching to help all workers live their lives with more clarity, purpose and passion, today announced its Series C—$103 million in growth financing.
VR creates a space where leaders can practice common leadership skills, including giving performance evaluations, delivering bad news and dealing with difficult employees, among many others, privately and without risk.

Mentors Need the Right Tools

5 min read
Mentorship programs are one of the most effective tools we have to impact employee engagement, retention and performance. However, to be effective, mentorship programs need more than a great design; they also need mentors who are confident and capable.
We may not know exactly which technical skills organizations will need in five years’ time, but soft skills will always be in demand. Here are three of the soft skills leaders can work on today to ensure they are equipped for the future.

Coaching: Leading, One Person at a Time

4 min read
Many successful organizations differentiate themselves with a dual focus on mission accomplishment and individual development. An integral piece of that development is the coaching that leaders receive along the way.
Declare, a community-driven leadership platform transforming how women learn, work and lead officially launches today. Previously, the organization operated as "Parity Partners." Declare is composed of two core components, Declare Lead and Declare Search.