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Distracted Employees Are Costing You Money

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Distractions are a major concern in our hyper-connected world. It’s critical to find new and innovative solutions to make a learning journey entertaining, memorable and personalized. Interactivity can enable this transformation.

Interaction versus Scale: Aim High for E-Learning

2 min read
The rise in the adoption of e-learning has been consistent, in part because e-learning scales. But as learning ecosystems have become filled with e-learning modules and courses, an unfortunate reality has emerged: Not all uses of a modality will be good.

What Dog Training Can Teach Us About Sales Training

3 min read
In no way, shape or form am I trying to compare an educated, ambitious sales force with the average canine. But I think we can draw parallels between training best practices for the two groups.

6 Ways to Improve Learner Retention

3 min read
Imagine that you’ve spent more hours developing a training program than you’ve slept in a year. You’ve consulted dozens of award-winning experts, invested in more books than you can count and scoured your field to create a treasure trove of...
In the days before digital, corporate training often conjured up images of boring one-sided presentations and disengaged audiences. Now that the digital era has arrived, trainers must learn to leverage new methods and technologies to make corporate...

Training Employees with Gamification

2 min read
Gamification is the practice of integrating training in a way that makes work resemble a game. There are many promising studies that show this tactic helps employees retain knowledge better than traditional classroom training.