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Measure to Improve

3 min read
Training measurement is positioned repeatedly as a means to gain seats at tables and more money. Although ideal outcomes, they should not be the initial focus.
Design thinking is an approach to problem-solving and creativity based on the field of design. It is especially useful for complex problems as well as developing products, such as training programs or content, that require creativity.

Creating Effective Feedback for E-Learning

5 min read
In a classroom, trainers are continually checking learners’ understanding; providing feedback based on what they understood (and misunderstood!); and encouraging them, trying to keep them engaged and motivated.

Engaging Minds With Mystery

4 min read
There is a genre that engages the mind like no other: the murder mystery. One of the reasons for its success is that, instead of providing an entertainment experience, this genre forces you to actively employ your own cunning as you consume the media.