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A common myth of leadership training is that it makes better leaders. Leaders learn from the facilitator, who knows everything about leadership, and leave the training with that facilitator’s knowledge, which then makes them better leaders.
Kantar, the data investment management division of WPP, and one of the world's largest insight, information and consultancy groups, announced today it has formed a joint venture with Second City Works, the corporate services division of The Second City.
Improv—which is grounded in respectful communication, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, personal connection and a shared purpose—can play a critical role in creating a workplace that engages and retains great employees.
Every seller has been there. It’s the meeting with eight stakeholders, no one’s on the same page, and half the group is glancing not-so-furtively at their phones. Perhaps it’s the prospect so far down the buying process that your call is just his...