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Traditional OSHA training still makes up a bulk of class time for the workforce, but it’s important for businesses to understand the benefits and limitations of online training so that they can decide which training vehicle is best for them.
When you think of safety training, you probably think of topics like slips, trips and falls and OSHA. The modern world raises the need for nontraditional topics for your safety training program to keep your employees protected and secure.

A Safety Training Primer for Safety Professionals

3 min read
Frequently, a safety manager, safety professional or someone on the safety committee is put in charge of safety training, and he or she often must lead safety training without understanding how people learn and develop skills, and how to create training.

Online versus Conventional Safety Training Approaches

19 sec read
When it comes to safety training, it is not enough to simply provide the employee with training; you must also show that employees can demonstrate competency by transferring the knowledge and skills and performing the job safely.