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Don’t Forget to Pencil in Self-care

3 min read
Throughout my professional career, I have seen the topic of self-care come up rarely. It’s a shame, because it is not a nice-to-have; it is crucial to my well-being. Life is busy, and the workplace can be overwhelming.

Helping Leaders Enjoy Leadership

3 min read
Leaders of all levels, disciplines and sectors face challenges – their internal motivation, drive and passion to be a great leader, and external environmental forces that impact their choices and freedom to lead.
It’s tough being the boss. A lot of people depend on you, but increased efficiency isn’t the answer. The fuel for effective leadership in a world gone mad is sustaining your energy level by generating and focusing a passion for what you do as a leader.

Finding The Energy To Lead

2 min read
Happiness releases passion, and passion creates energy. Leadership is a contact sport. Leadership is personal. Leadership is full time and full service. It takes energy, and ‘happiness’ (perceived abundance and contentment) is the fuel we’ve been...