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Imagine you provide employees with a great seminar on essential leadership techniques. Even if everyone loved it, the sad fact is that no matter what you say, no matter how well you say it, research proves that 90 percent of the content will be forgotten

Hacking the Forgetting Curve

2 min read
It would be an understatement to say that the training industry is brimming with new training technologies and tools. It took a while, but the technical communication arena has become one of the most vibrant, technology-adept and innovation-thirsty places...
Science has been the driving force behind human progress for the past 400 years. The scientific method has produced dramatic advances in most human endeavors including medicine, communication, manufacturing and transportation.
Training professionals have for many years, dealt with the challenge of improving the learners’ retention after they leave the classroom or online training experience.

Combating the Forgetting Curve

2 min read
Learning leaders are well acquainted with the learning curve. They're not giving sufficient attention, however, to what is known as the "forgetting curve." This refers to what happens when the training's not reinforced: employees quickly forgetting what...