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In a world that isn’t going to return to a simpler time, a changing geopolitical landscape, and rising polarization in political and cultural discourse, it’s the leaders who abandon outdated thinking who will help organizations navigate these...

Capturing and Harnessing Emotions in E-Learning

4 min read
We remember experiences associated with strong emotions better and with more clarity than non-emotional ones. Therefore, the deliberate fostering of an emotional bond or connection in training would make it easier for learners to recall the information.

Creating a Culture of Inclusion and Connection

2 min read
In a busy work environment where disconnects are bound to occur, it is essential to have a practical and effective method to process emotions and put our relationships and productivity back on track.

Leaders’ New Goal: Emotional Connection

3 min read
Helping high-potential leaders is one of the key areas that companies focus training on, and yet, when their leaders actually get that role, they often feel like they are unprepared for it.