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The best managers equip their people with the skills and tools they need to succeed in their roles. This involves building problem-solving and critical thinking skills. There is a fine line between being an effective coach and an authoritarian taskmaster.

Critical Thinking: An Essential Skill for 2021

4 min read
Access to information is becoming easier than ever, but evaluating the reliability of that information is becoming more difficult. Given this situation, one of the most important skills companies need to cultivate is the ability to think critically.

Critical Thinkers Are Drivers of Corporate Success

3 min read
If you are willing to invest the time and effort in developing critical thinkers, these managers and employees will reward you by producing more efficient and creative teams and, thus, a more successful business.

Think About It!

3 min read
How we deliver content continues to change. The strategies, tools, context, and cadence of learning efforts are in the midst of significant disruption.