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Confidence: A Leader’s BFF

3 min read
In service to leadership, confidence positively impacts our problem-solving, decision-making, coaching and communication.

Communicating Through the Cracks

4 min read
Our co-workers, our projects and our organizations benefit when we speak our minds, reasonably disagree and candidly share ideas. But freeing our voices can be a tall order.
When we talk about training, three outcomes typically rise to the top as the most important: knowledge, skills and attitude (although some talk about abilities instead of attitude, depending on the source and the purpose).

The Enemies of Performance

2 min read
We spend a lot of time studying the process of being successful, of living a conscious life of intention, but we don’t often expend as much effort considering what gets in the way.

Developing Courage in the Workplace

Organizations rely on employees to display courage when completing job tasks and interacting with customers, team members and subordinates.