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4 Ways to Raise Webinar Engagement

3 min read
While training professionals usually prefer to teach in a live classroom, the webinar is a teaching modality that’s here to stay. With the growth in distributed teams, workforces are now too spread out to have all training classes in a classroom.
The basic principle of overlearning is that if you do anything over and over again, it becomes part of your long-term memory. In the workplace, employees benefit from overlearning, because it makes them more reliable members of the team.

How to Script Training Videos

4 min read
How often do you close a video within a few seconds because it isn’t engaging enough? If you do it, your learners probably do, too. So, how can you make sure your content is interesting, engaging and informative?
Fueled by the rise of employee engagement and employee experience as key strategic priorities for many organizations over the last several years, the learning experience has become a hot topic in training and development — and for good reason.