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How to Flex Your Story to Multiple Audiences

3 min read
If you’re presenting to a group, structure a narrative that speaks to as many constituencies as possible. A flexible story that includes multiple characters and addresses their conflict demonstrates that you have broad considerations about who is...

Culture Shapes Digital Learning Success

3 min read
A strong learning culture is a competitive differentiator; however, it's not enough to throw new learning technology into the enterprise and expect it to be successful. Change requires a plan.

6 Ways to Ensure Training Leads to Lasting Change

3 min read
With expenditures on the rise, it becomes even more important to make sure that training delivers a return on investment by creating long-term positive change. Here are six ways to improve the impact of training initiatives.

Gaining Learner Buy-In, Part Two

3 min read
Your first step of actual training isn’t an exhibition of the “right way” or a discussion of best practices. The first step of training is all wrong – on purpose.

Gaining Learner Buy-In, Part One

3 min read
According to a Zen proverb, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” For self-actualization, this rings true. For corporate leaders in training organizations, not so much. Or can it?
Despite the dedication, heart and hours that learning professionals pour into developing corporate training programs, learners often fail to foster the same level of enthusiasm for training as the developers.