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By using artificial intelligence (AI)-based connected worker platforms — which harness the power of artificial intelligence and mobile device connectivity — employers can streamline onboarding processes and deliver comprehensive training experiences.
From the moment new hires start their first day, they begin their journey of learning and adapting to new roles and environments. In this article, we'll explore six best practices for welcoming and training your new hires for success.

Best Practices for New Hire Training

3 min read
New employees should feel supported from the beginning and excited to start their new journey. Providing effective training can help your new employees learn the skills they need to be productive and successful in their roles.

How To Reduce Time to Proficiency for New Hires

3 min read
Reducing time to proficiency for new hires involves defining an individual onboarding plan, targeting the competencies and knowledge that are needed to perform the specific job within your organization.

Does Your Employee Onboarding Need a Tune-up?

4 min read
There is always room to improve employee onboarding, especially amid shifting workplace trends. These four steps will help you make the most of your onboarding, regardless of your company's specific challenges.