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Not all e-learning courses are making the most of the available technology or the psychology involved in independent study. With that in mind, the following tips can help improve your e-learning strategy and approach — and learners’ outcomes.
Humor isn’t a requirement for becoming a trainer, but it is a valuable skill if you want to be effective. In fact, humor is a missing skill that can help you in nearly all capacities of your work, not just in training.
“To do anything well, get rid of distraction. It’s not your ability to execute that is in question; it’s your ability to shut things out. Reduce variables to remove distraction” (Uwe Kruger).

Attention Span and Performance Improvement

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Few training professionals would be willing to make the following argument: "Knowledge acquisition is not a major component of performance improvement." The truth is, if employees don't learn (or acquire knowledge of) how to do something (or do something...