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10 Tips for Multilingual Staff Training

4 min read
If you can’t train your employees in their native language, you’re not a global company. Especially during a crisis, organizations must be able to train their employees to do their jobs across language barriers.
Strayboots, a leading provider of mobile team building scavenger hunts, announced today the official launch of "Bootscamp," innovative scavenger hunt technology specifically designed to enhance corporate learning and onboarding.

Make Your Next Conference Memorable

2 min read
There’s a great deal of science in the world related to learning retention. While experts disagree on the exact percentage of knowledge retained from different instructional methodologies, there’s no argument that active learning is more effective...

The Direct Path to Training ROI

2 min read
Your staff needs training in a particular area, so you do some research to find a course. You send your staff to the training and they come back enthused, assuring you that the class was enjoyable and that they were able to hone their skills through what...