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Are You as Self-aware as You Think You Are?

4 min read
Whenever I talk to leaders and managers about self-awareness, someone usually says, “I don’t need any of that. I’m already self-aware.” Usually, they’re not. Not even close. Leaders lacking in self-awareness typically display one or more...
When using a 360-degree feedback survey, after all parties (peers, direct reports and managers) complete the evaluation, effective delivery of the data gathered in the survey is critical for the employee to be able to use it for growth and development.
While there are many trainable leadership skills and tools in such core leadership competencies as strategic thinking, political alignment, smart communication and talent motivation, they do not, by themselves, produce effective leadership.
Philosophers, consultants and educators agree: Character is the heart of leadership. Leadership character isn’t just a matter of “business ethics. True leadership character is seen in positive traits such as courage, integrity, resilience and...