Integrity Solutions

Rise Up, Serve.

Thriving, as an organization or as a sales professional, relies on your ability to understand who people are and connect with them in a way that goes well beyond the surface. Integrity Solutions is built on this belief.


In a world filled with more uncertainty, change and competition than ever, customer relationships rooted in integrity have never been more powerful or driven more value. When you connect more deeply with your mission, each other and your buyers, sales performance improves exponentially. Top talent on the fence become enthusiastic recruits. Stalled managers grow into successful leaders. New customers become lifelong champions. And target accounts convert to coveted logos faster and more often.


With Integrity, sales organizations can fuel performance, grow talent, lift up customers and elevate leaders.

Missions, principles and values matter.

We help your people put yours at the core of how they sell, serve and coach. It strengthens their sense of purpose and fuels their achievements. We are a ‘do the right thing’ organization. Our principles and approaches resonate—and drive results—with other values-conscious organizations who feel and behave the same way.


Ethical Sales Cultures: Why They Matter

Connect With Buyers Better

The transition from striving to thriving, as an organization or as a sales professional, relies on your ability to understand who people are and connect with them in a way that goes well beyond the surface. That is what we do together.

At the end of the day, the sales teams crushing their quotas aren’t successful because they have all the latest technologies or use a specific script to hook a buyer. They rise to the top of their game because they can connect with buyers better than anyone else. They know how to dig deep to understand what motivates and drives their prospects – and use that insight to build trust and deliver exactly what they need with passion.

We help companies stop selling product and start helping customers. We allow you to tap into the emotions behind your customers’ needs.

With Integrity, our clients’ see their reps take a new approach to selling.

Putting integrity at the center of sales is what transforms a striving sales team into a thriving one.

Sales leaders and organizations turn to Integrity Solutions to:

  • Increase sales performance and revenue
  • Improve time from hire to productivity
  • Improve percentage of sales team exceeding quota
  • Achieve broader and deeper reach within existing clients
  • Use consistent language across the sales organization
  • Move from taking orders to focusing on client needs
  • Encourage and equip sales managers to coach and develop teams

We equip your salespeople with the mindset and skill set they need to be exceptional at building trusted customer relationships that drive value and opportunity. Our programs ignite a passion in your sales teams to uncover and meet customer needs, exponentially increasing customer satisfaction, loyalty and success.

We create an inspiring learning environment that helps teams achieve their full potential: managers grow into more engaged, successful coaches, while executives cement their roles as trusted leaders.

Our experience spans over 50 years, 130 countries and industries including healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, energy and utilities, agriculture and more.