Why is Brainier the smarter choice?

We have removed the roadblocks between learning and reporting through superior access, engagement, and functionality. The Brainier LMS creates individualized learning experiences that employees can access anywhere, at any time, and on any device.

Our Brainier knowledge and performance platform is a capable and functional learning management system for any organization size or configuration. Customers prefer our intuitive UX, finding it much more engaging.

We empower learners.

It’s through our cost-effective solutions and superior technology that we empower learners, support training & development management, and ultimately exceed overall business objectives. Using xAPI, the software allows organizations to expand their employees’ learning experience with outside resources and implement them to the LMS.

The platform also provides unrestricted mobility, productivity (utilizing SSO abilities) and an impressive collection of off-the-shelf content to help “kick start” any learning initiative.

Training Industry Recognition as a Leader

Our Perspective

Digital Transformation Through Learning – published on TrainingIndustry.com

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